Borrower Advice

Though we don’t employ very strict credit check measures as any high street lender would do, we expect highly from our borrowers despite the current financial situation they are in. We understand that many may be in a desperate scenario and would do almost anything to obtain the cash that they need. While we offer a helping hand and choose to give our borrowers what they need despite having bad credit, we expect our customers to borrow reasonably and responsibly.
That said, we suggest that you borrow only the amount that you need, when you really need it. While we have no control over what you’re planning to do with your money, we advise you to use it wisely in order to avoid further strain on your finances.
We also suggest that you choose a comfortable repayment option, because we don’t want you to pay any late charges or bank fees when you are unable to pay on time. Still, we don’t encourage choosing a very long repayment period, because it can prove very expensive in the end, and the last thing we want is for you to pay much more than what is necessary.
While we are confident that our rates are one of the best in the market, we strongly advise that you always shop around whenever applying for any type of loan, in order to compare prices and land a deal that will meet your needs and budget.