How much can I borrow?
Typically you can borrow between £80 and £25,000 if you are a tenant, and as much as £250,000 if you are a homeowner. Still, all loans are subject to affordability.

How long will I have to make my repayments?
Our bad credit loans can be repaid between one and ten years, depending on the amount you intend to borrow and how much you are willing to put in your repayments.

When can I get my money?
Our system was designed to provide a fast and efficient service so that you will be able to use the money in a timely manner. We make sure that you will receive instant decision regarding your application and receive your money within the same day.

Where can I use the money?
You are free to use the money in whatever way you see fit, be it for a new vehicle, a vacation, home improvement, or debt payments. We fully trust that as a borrower, you will use the money reasonably.

What does Representative APR means?
A representative APR is simply a quote to show you, our customers, the APR that you are most likely to receive, enabling you to compare our rates against other lenders which offer similar products. A representative APR is only shown as example and you are not guaranteed to receive the same rate.

What rate will I get?
We will first have to assess your individual circumstances, and the rate will depend on our review.

Am I allowed to extend my loan repayment?
If you find yourself having difficulty catching up with your repayments, or if you intend to borrow more, simply call us so that we can help you make adjustments. However, we don’t usually recommend extending your loan term because this might incur additional costs to you.

What happens to my information?
All details you submit to us are collected under a secure connection and are treated with strict confidentiality. It is in our policy to never share any of your personal information to third parties without your permission.