Terms & Conditions
'We’ want ‘Your’ decision to use www.nemmi.co.uk finance portal to be the best decision ‘You’ can make towards finding suitable financial services tailored to ‘Your’ exact circumstances. To that end ‘We’ aim to be completely transparent in all ‘Our’ dealings with ‘You’ hence these terms of business explain ‘Our’ obligations to ‘You’ and ‘Yours’ to ‘Us’. They will be at the heart of ‘Our’ relationship and ‘Our’ contract with ‘You’ so please read them carefully.


These terms and conditions explain ‘Our’ services to ‘You’ as ‘Our’ client and ‘Your’ obligations to Us (nemmi.co.uk, a trading style of nemmi.co.uk). ‘You’ should expect them to take precedence over any other documents, conversations or course of dealings and represent the understanding between ‘You’ and ‘Us’. Ordinarily they need to be varied with ‘Our’ written agreement signed by a director. ‘You’ need to read these terms carefully since they apply as soon as ‘We’ send them or make them available to ‘You’ on ‘Our’ ‘Website www.nemmi.co.uk. ‘We’ cannot accept responsibility for ‘You’ failing to read them.


‘Our’ service to ‘You’ will be a six week subscription to ‘Our’ online finance portal where ‘We’ will select and recommend a suitable panel of lenders based on ‘Your’ specific circumstances. ‘We’ will perform preparatory work towards the completion of a suitable finance service such as a loan or credit card or other suitable finance related service and in some circumstances we will package a loan for you and submit that loan to a lender to be paid out. ‘We’ will provide ‘You’ with online support from ‘Our’ customer service team throughout the duration of ‘Your’ subscription whilst we are working on your behalf towards the completion of a suitable loan or financial service.

Once ‘You’ are subscribed to ‘Our’ portal ‘We’ may offer ‘You’ a variety of services by phone, internet, mail, SMS, and other means. These services may include acting as a loan and finance broker; introducer to debt and property possession adjusters, utility switching agents, compensation advisers, credit card and bank account providers, pay day loan lenders, debt management companies, insolvency practitioners, bankruptcy specialists, equity release arrangers and credit reference advisers. All of these services are provided without any upfront fees.

By subscribing to ‘Our’ portal ‘You’ are authorising ‘Us’ to seek any of these services that ‘We’ think may be suitable for ‘You’ and ‘You’ are authorising Us to pass ‘Your’ details onto any associate companies that may offer any of the above services. ‘We’ are not responsible for tax or legal advice regarding any of these services and ‘You’ must rely on ‘Your’ own expert advisers in those fields.


The service is free for a six weeks subscription to ‘Our’ online finance portal. ‘We’ specify this as part of ‘Our’ communications with ‘You’. Once ‘You’ subscribe to ‘Our’ finance portal ‘We’ will perform preparatory work towards the completion of a loan or financial service as outlined above. ‘We’ may be entitled to receive variable commissions for any introductions ‘We’ make. ‘You’ agree that ‘We’ may retain this commission. We will not charge any upfront fees for any of our services, although if we package a loan for you a brokerage fee may be incorporated into that loan. Please refer carefully to your loan agreement for terms and charges of your specific loan or finance agreement.


‘You’ have a right to cancel ‘Your’ free subscription at any time during the six week period. These terms do not affect any rights you may have Under Section 155 of the Consumer Credit Act or any other applicable legisaltion.

If ‘You’ wish to cancel ‘Your’ subscription ‘You’ must put your request in writing by either writing to nemmi.co.uk notifying ‘Us’, or by emailing info@nemmi.co.uk. In either event ‘We’ will endeavour to process your cancellation within 14 days of the date on which ‘We’ receive ‘Your’ request. Postal requests should be made to: Customer Service Department, nemmi.co.uk, Third Floor, Dale House, Stockport, SK1 1TB.


Unless ‘You’ inform Us differently, ‘You’ agree to Us using telephone, email, SMS, fax and post to contact ‘You’ to discuss products and services without having first been expressly invited to do so. This will override any registrations ‘You’ may have with any preference services. To communicate in writing ‘We’ may use the last postal address ‘You’ give ‘Us’. Please note that to improve ‘Our’ service ‘We’ can and may monitor and record any telephone conversations with ‘You’ for security, training and evidential purposes.

Credit Checks

‘We’ or associate companies (including lenders and financiers) may use credit scoring or other automated systems to assess ‘Your’ credit worthiness, make decisions and verify ‘Your’ identity. These systems include searching ‘Your’ records with credit reference agencies, employers, fraud and money laundering prevention agencies and the electoral register as well as providing them with information. These agencies can add ‘Your’ details to their records for other organisations to do searches. If ‘You’ make a joint enquiry, both records are processed by the agencies and a link between ‘You’ can be created.

To help ‘Our’ fraud prevention and data protection strategy, ‘You’ agree to Us and ‘Our’ associate companies, credit reference agencies and selected third parties processing and using personal data (whether provided electronically, in writing or orally) ‘You’ give Us. ‘You’ agree to ‘Us’ using the data to advise ‘You’ of other products and services unless ‘You’ notify ‘Us’ to the contrary. The information ‘You’ give ‘Us’ must be true and accurate. ‘You’ warrant and undertake to comply with legal and regulatory disclosure requirements so that ‘We’ can comply with ‘Our’ obligations. If ‘You’ provide Us with false or inaccurate information and/or ‘We’ suspect fraud ‘We’ may notify agencies which would have a detrimental impact on ‘Your’ credit records. In the event that ‘You’ provide ‘Us’ with inaccurate or misleading information, ‘We’ reserve the right to reclaim any losses incurred by ‘Us’ in performing ‘Our’ service to ‘You’.


‘We’ shall not in any circumstances be liable for any breach of obligation or decision not to lend to ‘You’ by any lender, financier, bank, counterparty, intermediary or other third party with whom ‘You’ attempt to do business. ‘You’ will solely be liable for any direct and indirect losses ‘You’ suffer in the event of being unable to obtain a satisfactory loan or finance offer. ‘We’ will incur no liability for any losses or hardship you suffer whilst you are seeking finance on our online finance portal. ‘We’ cannot take any responsibility for any additional credit searches ‘You’ may incur as a result of ‘Us’ passing ‘Your’ application to lenders or any of the effects these additional searches may have on ‘Your’ credit score.

‘We’ do not guarantee the provision of any loans or finance that ‘We’ may propose to ‘You’ on ‘Our’ finance portal. The lenders or financiers decide whether to approve loan and finance applications, how much to lend or finance, at what interest rate, on which terms and on what evidence of ability to repay. Where ‘We’ give examples they are only illustrations. ‘We’ do not warrant that examples are the actual rates and amounts because the lenders or financiers decide whether to give approval for any loan or finance and on what terms and what APR according to ‘Your ‘specific circumstances.

In the event that any of these terms (each of which is severable) is for any reason illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provision is to be deemed modified sufficiently to render it enforceable, legal and valid and of similar effect as ‘We’ intended. Apart from provisions expressly covering associate companies, nothing in these terms is enforceable by anyone who is not a party to them.

When ‘You’ ask ‘Us’, orally or in writing, to provide ‘You’ with a service, ‘You’ agree to abide by these terms. ‘We’ acknowledge ‘Your’ instructions expressly or by acting upon them. ‘We’ treat ‘You’ as ‘Our’ Client. ‘We’ accept no liability or obligation to any third party whether or not ‘You’ may be acting as their agent, fiduciary or intermediary. Even if ‘You’ disclose their identity to Us and ‘You’ are acting in such a capacity, ‘Your’ obligations to Us remain unaffected. ‘We’ are entitled to act on any oral or written instructions ‘We’ receive from ‘You’ or anyone ‘We’ believe is authorised by ‘You’ to give them. If ‘You’ authorise anyone else to give ‘Us’ instructions, any action ‘We’ take on their instructions will be binding on ‘You’. To withdraw any authority ‘You’ must notify ‘Us’ in writing.

Marketing and Market Research

At any time during or after ‘Your’ subscription to ‘Our’ online finance portal has ended ‘We’ may contact ‘You’ about services or products offered by ‘Us’ or other companies ‘We’ approve which ‘We’ believe ‘You’ may be interested in or to carry out market research about ‘Our’ services or products or those of other companies. ‘We’ may also pass on information to other companies approved by ‘Us’ so that they may contact ‘You’ about services or products which they believe ‘You’ may be interested in. Contact for these purposes may be by post, email, SMS or by other means.

If ‘You’ do not agree to us doing this, please click here to opt out otherwise ‘Your’ consent will override any registrations ‘You’ may have with any preference services. To determine which services or products ‘You’ might be interested in, ‘You’ agree that ‘We’ may analyse information about ‘You’ and ‘Your’ conduct including ‘Your’ payment record.